It's adventure time

It’s time for an adventure!

We’ve reached that time where we get to go out on a super rad session together.
These sessions are one of the highlights of our time together.
We get to hang out, talk about your wedding, get you two comfortable with a camera and more importantly, have a whole bunch of fun while doing so.

Below you’ll find the link to submit your Pinterest mood-board which I have sent the email out for and you’ll also spot the scheduler.
To book a date:

1 - Click on a day on the calendar, it goes up to 60 days in advance so if you’re not available this week just click the right arrow to go to the next.
2 - Pick a session time that suits ( Sunrise, Sunset, Late Morning or Late Arvo). The session time is “120 minutes”but I don’t look at my watch and count down time, soooo sometimes we do go over a little… The start time doesn’t include the time it takes to drive to the location :)
3 - Click Submit and Finish
4 - Fill out the form & click submit (It will double up on info, as I obviously know who you are and your email address but it’s the way this cheeky thing is set up)
5 - DONE - A confirmation email will be sent out & you can even add the event to your own calendar too.

Add the link to your board in here ( be sure to enable the board to be shared with OR set to public)