''Who is this guy?'' - Well, let me tell you.

Jonathon Newton Wedding Photographer
Jonathon Newton About Me

Jonathon Newton
Australian Wedding Photographer

I’m an Australian wedding photographer based in Victoria - I’m married to my best friend, the father to a cheeky Bombay cat & I’m expecting a little human April 2019.


I'm not that far off from your typical Australian guy really.  My nickname from the age of 6 was given the Aussie treatment, so you can call me ‘’Jono’’, I’ve got mates of just about every background, I learnt to drive in a Holden and I’m definitely punching above my weight.

I am slightly different than your typical Wedding Photographer though, so you'll hardly find me in a church.
I’m heavily inspired by the amazing and diverse landscapes Australia has to offer so whenever possible, I love merging my love for landscapes with my passion for visually crafting the story of those wildly in love.

I'm a lover of intimate elopements, adventurous weddings and a huge sucker for backyard country weddings - who isn’t?

Wedding photography isn’t about taking photographs of a couple looking their best - To me, It’s documenting an incredibly intimate, special day in the lives of a couple & all the small moments that happen during it.
Whether that day is shared with less than 5 people or over 100 people, its magical and I still get teary eyed every time.

I’ve been lucky enough to find where my true passion lies, and that’s capturing love in its raw, unhindered state along with the beauty the surrounds it.

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