Country In-Home Session | Belinda & Ash


My goodness, I'm behind on my blog.. I'm writing this just after documenting Ash & Belinda's Wedding over the weekend.
With that being said, this couple session with the inclusion of a little cutie by the name Harry is still very fresh in the mind.

Ash & Belinda are an amazing couple, they've got the kind of love that makes hearts melt. 
When we first met at a local cafe in Traralgon, Ash bought along Harry - quite the charming young man I might add - and so it came as no surprise when the suggestion of a family session was brought forward. 

We got stuck right into the shoot, and boy was it fun.
Children are always a wild card when it comes to family sessions, sometimes, just like everybody else, the camera intimidates them but then others embrace the fact that they will be the center of attention for a long while! 

I find letting them be themselves gets the best results, genuine moments are always the best moments - so that's exactly what I did.

After the initial portraits, it was time to move outside to include the extended family!
Yes that's a Husky - Yep, he is huge! - That's right, he's a mega cutie too! 

With sunset approaching and Harry winding down, Belinda, Ash and myself moved out behind the estate for some romantic golden hour portraits.

After sunset had well and truly passed & we smashed some local Pizza, I took one last image using the front of the house and the glow of the lights to wrap things up.
I love silhouette photographs. 


That's it for this one folks, I can't wait to share their Wedding already!