Summer bliss - Outdoor engagement session | Theresa & Andy


You think you have your Facebook feed down pat until.. BAM!
Someone you know and didn't even realise was in a relationship, gets engaged!
That's what happened to me with Theresa and Andy.

I attended high school with Theresa, so when she reached out - thanks to Tania and James' recommendation (Blog coming soon) - I was super excited and eager to not only shoot, but catch up.

Theresa is on the ball with her Wedding planning and so, after a few emails back and fourth we fast tracked the couples session so they could use the images for their invites and their wedding website. 

The plan was to just grab a coffee, some breakfast and have a catch-up chat at ''Two Beans & a Farm'' before moving onto some locations for shooting, but when I pulled into the Homesteads car park I knew I had to get some shots on their grounds - It was gorgeous. 

Right after we had devoured our breakfast (the menu is choice!!) we headed outside and got stuck into the session.
These two were complete naturals when it came to being in front of the camera. 
All smiles, lots of giggles and just some old fashion love. 



Only a few meters from the Homestead was a beautiful open area with long grass, a trail and some classic Australian flora... so naturally I got them to take a walk with me and tackle some long grass while I worked some camera magic. 

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