In-Home Engagement session | John & Zoe

It's not every day I write a blog post..  I mean, I'm not entirely sure how to write a "blog'' post - but for 2018, I've made the promise to myself to write an article at least twice a month.
In the case here, it's for this amazing couple, John & Zoe. 

John emailed me back in mid-2017 and shortly after, came down from Ballarat to Melbourne for a chat and some great coffee. 
Fast track  a few months, we spent a whole day together, visiting their wedding venue, hanging out at their favorite eatery and really getting to know each other.


John and Zoe are some of the most genuine, loving and caring people I know and they honestly made me and my fiancee Staar feel right at home when we came to visit for their in-home engagement session. Starting off outside at the local park with their Furr-baby Woody, we then explored some local buildings and parkland before returning to their humble abode and getting some really intimate and character revealing images. 

DSC00211 (3)-Edit.jpg
DSC00187 (3).jpg
DSC00296 (2).jpg
DSC00329 (2).jpg
Sony A7rii | Samyang 35mm 1.4 | Window light is such a great tool

Sony A7rii | Samyang 35mm 1.4 | Window light is such a great tool


Thanks for reading my first Blog post and I hope you enjoyed the images from this session as much as I have.