Grand Canyon - Grampians National Park, Victoria

Grand Canyon - Grampians National Park, Victoria


Hey you, congratulations!

Getting engaged is a big deal, you’ve both practically said “yep, I want to spend the rest of my life... with you!” - maybe not in the same words, but close enough and that’s amazing.

You’re probably in the middle of planning your wedding, running through all the people who you ''have to'' invite, the catering, the venues, the music… and rightfully so, it should be a celebration, it’s one of the greatest days in couples life together - but maybe a ballroom filled with guests you barely know isn’t your thing…

Perhaps you would prefer to be somewhere different, somewhere away from the chapels, the halls, the smoke machines and instead, be in a place that speaks to you both, a place where your heart really is.

Weddings don’t have to follow the same path as each other, they should be a true reflection of a couple are - so if your idea of a Wedding is just you, your soulmate and a select few individuals that mean the whole world to you - then I’m right there with you.

That place doesn't have to be the top of the Grampians National park, or Glacier point in the Yosemite's - it can be anywhere, even the quiet garden in your hometown.
That’s what makes elopements special, they’re unique, intimate and all about you and your love for each-other, without the weight of traditions.


All I need are

two humans,

some real love

& a camera...

That's my recipe to create some magic.

I began shooting Weddings & Elopements because I loved being behind a camera, taking photos all day.
I’ve stayed because I fell in love with capturing real human connections, genuine love and the stories behind a couple - I still get to play with cameras while doing so too!
There’s no other job in the world that even comes close.

If you’re ready to elope and totally okay with me falling in love with your story then I can't wait to hear from you.


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