It’s time for us to have… the talk.

Haha, sounds pretty serious but in all honesty, I just want to catch up with you and your life-buddy so we can go over what your plans are for your special day.
These chats are really a get to know each other session, where you can ask as many questions as you’d like and I want to hear about how you two came to be and what you picture your day to be.

My system/scheduler that I use is quite new so if something looks odd, let me know!
Hopefully though, this does make it super convenient for you to pick a time within the next 3 weeks with me.
You may notice that some days are missing from the calendar below, that’s just because it automatically removes dates that I’m unavailable.

To book a date:
1 - Click on a day on the calendar, it goes up to three weeks in advance so if you’re not available this week just click the right arrow to go to the next.
2 - Pick a starting time that suits (keeping in mind I love to chat… so our appointment may go for an hour #sorrykindasorry)
3 - Click Submit and Finish
4 - Fill out the form & click submit (It will double up on info, as I obviously know who you are and your email address but it’s the way this cheeky thing is set up)
5 - DONE - A confirmation email will be sent out & you can even add the event to your own calendar too.