Whether you're just beginning or are already 27 printed sheets, 3 folders and two tastings in... Planning a Wedding is a big deal!

Just like life is, love is a journey too.
We start on separate paths, but the choices we make every single day lead us closer to that special someone to ultimately saying, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you" - and that's what makes weddings so amazing.

Not knowing where to start is completely normal, so I make it my job to help you make the planning as easy as can be.
I''ll walk you through all that I can - the timeline, location suggestions, even doing the Grooms tie... 

But, before we dive into the nitty gritty,
I want to get to know the small things, your love story and what makes you two… ''you''.
So catching up for coffee and a nice chat is on the agenda - it's my favorite way to get to know each other.
(Skype/Video chat for my international couples) 

So if you're ready, then I'm ready.