What to wear to your Adventure Session guide


Okay, so this might actually be “your first rodeo”

& that’s okay, how often do we actually go out, explore and proceed to be pointed by a man wielding a camera… Not often right?

I relate to those out there who are feeling lost and not sure what to wear for photos - it’s a pretty daunting task and that’s why I’ve put together this guide, to help you spend less time worrying about what to wear and more time getting excited about the adventure we’re heading out on.

Most couples will think about picking up something new for the shoot, I highly suggest that if you go this route, you only pick up something minor i.e. accessories. Think; a beanie, hat, socks, bangle, scarf, headband, etc and not a main piece. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you both to be comfortable so you can feel and look like yourselves - on a side note, from my experience the fellas don’t tend to relish being in an ironed collar with dress shoes if they’re used to flannos and boots.

The power of choice.


Bring a couple of options if you can.

Our sessions generally last about two hours and so we sometimes have the chance to do a quick wardrobe change for a different look but I think the more important part about bringing options is the fact that the weather can change at the drop of a hat. Victoria hey?
As tempting as it may sound, don’t bring the whole wardrobe though, just a couple of pairs of bottoms and about 3 tops each would be plenty. You can additionally bring items to layer with, like jackets, dresses and accessories.

If ever in doubt, you can always pop through a photo of what you guys would be wearing if you’re after some tips or guidance.

Match the lay of the land.


The only thing that would dictate a little of what you would be wearing on the day is the location in which we are heading. Think about the conditions of the location and keep that in mind whilst choosing what to flaunt on the day. If we’re heading into the bush at one of our many gorgeous national forests of parks, ditch the heels or flat soled Vans and opt for some shoes with grip so we don’t end up with twisted ankles (boots also look baddass imo, so feel free to bring some along).
If we’re heading out to the coast, bring along sandles, thongs or open shoes, for when we walk on sand or better yet, go barefoot. You can still bring along normal runners for when we’re not on the sand.
If the weather is a bit fresh, consider bringing layers to keep warm and if it’s looking more on the spicy side, look at going with clothes that breathe easily so we end up with minimal visible pit stains.



This is up there in being one of the top contributors to absolutely banging photos outside of you being yourself.
Colours play a leading role in complementing skin tones and the location we will shoot in. I generally recommend neutrals and warm earthy tones.
This includes colours like greys, browns, mustard yellows, olives, muted pinks, burnt oranges, off whites, navy blues etc.
The colours to stay away from are the extremely bright and fluorescent ones, like bright yellow, orange, red, green or pink. It really plays on cameras sensors and produces some odd looking skin tones so it’s best to avoid them - in saying that you can totally slip in a little accessory with those colours if you would like.

We’ll be moving… a lot


Being comfortable is at the forefront for your choices and that also includes being able to move freely!
Make sure the materials you wear will allow for you to move around in. Those fresh new jeans may be a little restricting, especially for fellas, and you may end up being too focused on making sure everything can “breathe” or making sure everything stays in place when you move around.
I highly recommend bringing clothing that’s already broken in, that way you can move around without restriction.

Spots are for Leopards, stripes are for Zebras…


but neither work too well for Camera sensors.
Avoid loud, crazy, chunky and complex patterns - they tend to also distract from your faces and the locations we’re in.
In saying that, somehow, flannels do a good job at not creating odd artifacts with camera sensors, so go wild with those & most dresses also tend to dodge it as well.
Try the best you can to stick to simple clothing, so think tiny logos, or none at all, plain solid colours.
One thing that does look pretty fire and works a charm in photos, is texture. By texture I mean interesting weaving or materials, or unique properties of clothing like denim, tweed or wool for example.
When in doubt though, flick through a photo to me and I’ll let you know.

***Side note! Please iron your clothes, massive creases don’t do anything odd for camera sensors but they do take away from an amazing moment captured.

Hair + Makeup

Sophie Lindsay Bushrangers Bay Adventure Session-07407.jpg

I do get asked if couples should schedule their hair/makeup trial the day of the adventure session, my answer to this question is you’re more than welcome to if that’s what will make you feel your absolute best. I want you to really be feeling yourself that day.
It’s not at all needed though and what needs to be taken into consideration is how heavy the makeup will be.
Our adventure session may have some mild hiking but on your wedding day, you may only be walking in a forest or country paddocks, so the thickness/layering of the makeup will be different and you may end up sweating half of it off by the time we’re 20 mins into the shoot.
If you are getting your hair styled and/or makeup done, timing it about an hour before you head off would work the best.

That’s all from me!

* Just a bit of a disclaimer here, I’m by no means a stylist… In fact, a few years ago I transitioned over to a minimalist wardrobe to battle my insecurities, so I now only wear Uniqlo Supreme cotton t-shirts (because they’re hella awesome), have 3 button up shirts and a handful of different pants.

This is just a guide to help with making your images pop, and by no means a rule-book - the odds are heavily titled your way in having a greater fashion sense.
The ultimate takeaway from this is to wear something you feel like “you” in so you can focus on being yourselves. If you have any questions at all, you can also shoot me through an email :)
I cannot freaking wait for our session!